I wanted to give you an update on my interviews and acceptances! I applied to 14 schools and was given EIGHT interview invitations (including George Washington University)! I am so grateful for that fact and thank you so much for helping me completely rework my personal statement. I know how important it is to admissions committees, and my original statement wasn’t making the cut.  I was given a few offers but have ultimately chosen __________. I’m so ecstatic and ready to continue this journey!!!

Thank you again! I would recommend this service to anyone.
— Laura F., Future PA
I just want to say 1,000,000x THANKS for the excellent revision that you gave me. I am so excited to say that at the moment, I have received 3 out of 14 interviews between May and August and have already been accepted to my top choice program! I didn’t stand much of a chance without your help and words can’t express how eternally grateful I am. I’ve been recommending your amazing services to everyone that I can, because I truly believe that it was a crucial part of my success.
— Nicole O., Future PA
I just wanted to thank you guys for the help with my PS. With the help of the strong essay I was able to write with your guidance, I was interviewed and accepted to every school I applied to! At one of my interviews, the program director even told me he had been waiting to meet me because my essay made him cry. I knew I had a great story about my journey to PA school, but you guys really helped me tell it in the most effective way possible. I was close to not even submitting my essay to you because I thought it was good enough, but I’m SO happy I did! Keep up the good work helping students craft their best essay. I recommend the site to every pre-PA student I talk to and will continue to do so. 
— Brittany P., Future PA
I want to thank the person who gave very helpful feedback on my personal statement a few months ago! I can’t thank my editor enough for guiding me in the right direction! Because of your advice on my personal statement, I was granted five interviews and ultimately was accepted to my reach program! Words cannot express how ecstatic I am to start a new chapter in my life! Again, thank you for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a PA... at my dream school no less!
— Brian H., Future PA
I was accepted to Emory University! Thank you guys 1000x over again. Very excited to finally have this dream finally come true!
— Anonymous, Future PA
Thank you very much for this service. The revision was extremely helpful and I appreciate your help!
— John S., Future PA
I just wanted to let you know that I recently received an acceptance to a PA program! I want to thank you so so much for your help and advice with my personal statement. I would not have been able to make it this far without you!
— Andrew P., Future PA
Thank you so much for your help. I feel much more confident about my personal statement and the PA application process. You really help me focus on why I choose this profession in the first place. I really appreciate your help and will be in contact with questions or interviews and acceptances. 
— George O., Future PA
To myPAresource and the individual that edited my personal statement,Words cannot explain how appreciative I am of not only your feedback on my essay but also your generous compliments and encouragement. I am thrilled to know that my personal statement is finally ready to submit to PA schools! Thank you for offering this WONDERFUL service to PA school applicants such as myself. I will be sure to promote this site to future pre-PA students.
— Jessica H., Future PA
Wanted to keep you all posted with my status! I received 3 interviews and 3 acceptances - I will be attending _______________ University Nevada starting in July!! Wanted to thank you all for helping me out with my personal statement as well as the other resources and advice I have received from My PA Resource.
— Janelle W., Future PA
I just wanted to let whoever would like to know, that I was accepted to ___________ PA Program. This was my first try applying for PA school and I am so so so glad that I used this service! Thanks so much!
— Mary D., Future PA
Thanks for the review/ edit. Your service has really helped and I feel my essay gives me a great shot at some interviews this year.
— John E., Future PA
I want to thank you sincerely for your comments and suggestions, they have helped me immensely in formulating a personal statement that is representative of my unique interests and experiences. After using this service, I am confident that my personal statement will captivate admissions committees and hopefully make them want to meet me in person! Thank you again for all of your help.
— Emily F., Future PA
Thank you so much for the insightful read on my essay. I just completed my PS with the corrections suggested and feel much more confident about my essay now. I am very grateful for the generous comments that were made and look forward to updating myPAresource on *hopeful* interviews this cycle! 
— Lieu N., Future PA
Oh my goodness! Your suggestions were so amazing! You tore my paper apart!
— Tara C., Future PA
I can’t thank you enough for your time and insight on my personal statement. I am now very confident in this essay and am certain it will strengthen my application. I’ll keep you posted!
— Marielle R., Future PA
Hi I really appreciate all the great feedback you’ve given. The difference is night and day between the first draft and this final essay. Thank you so much.
— Harsh P., Future PA