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Does your personal statement seem bland?
Do you feel like you talk about yourself too much?
Are you having a hard time conveying WHY you want to be a Physician Assistant?

We can help!

We have helped HUNDREDS of applicants, just like you, achieve SUCCESS: the goal of being accepted to the PA school of their choice.  You can't change your GPA, you can't change your GRE, and you can't change the number of hours you've accumulated thus far.  But you CAN change how you are PERCEIVED.

We know you want to be a Physician Assistant.  We know that sacrifices you've made to get here.  And we know that you have the compassion to help those in need.


Here's how our service works:

Your personal statement will be forwarded to one of our Admissions Consultants, including practicing PAs, PA faculty members, and Admissions Panel members.

Your Admissions Consultant will then help take the ideas you provide from your rough draft to brainstorm ways to paint you as the IDEAL applicant.

Once those topics have been identified, your Admissions Consultant will help create a flow to your essay, ensuring smooth transitions between paragraphs while highlighting your strengths as an applicant to ensure you are seen as a TOP applicant.

Your Admissions Consultant will then provide suggestions and comments throughout your document so you know EXACTLY what the reader will be thinking as they scrolling through your personal statement.  


Once your final draft has been created, your Admissions Consultant will invite you to apply to CASPA.  Now all that's left to do is wait for your interview invitation!


We know what it takes to get into PA school, and it starts with a strong personal statement.


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