Don't become a Statistic!

Every year, thousands of candidates like yourself take the leap and apply for PA school.  Thousands of people are fighting for the same seats as you.  In many cases, PA school applicant pools can reach nearly 2000 applicants for 50 seats.  In those cases, after applying, you have a less than 5% chance of being accepted to a program of your choice.  

Let's take your average PA school: 1500 people submit applications.  PA schools generally invite 30 people per interview date.  An average PA school will schedule 5-6 days for interview per cycle.  This means that 150-200 people will be invited to interview, which is about 10%.  The average PA class is approximately 50 students, which means of the 1500 people that apply, only 3% are actually accepted.  

Confused?  Let us simplify this: you need all the help you can get to receive an invitation for interview.  Want to take your chances and apply without a leg up?  More power to you.  We exist to help those that don't enjoy wasting time get accepted.  A majority of candidates will not receive interview invitations.  Give yourself the unfair advantage by writing the perfect personal statement.  We will ensure your narrative portrays you as the ideal candidate, focuses on your strengths, and engages the reader.  

Don't leave your future up to chance, and don't become a statistic!

Things you need to know before being interviewed:

A topic we get frequent questions about is the interview for PA school itself, specifically what types of questions are generally asked during the discussion.  Luckily our team is made up of the same people that field those same questions!  Below we'll review a selection of some of the most common questions asked during the interview for physician assistant school.

Before attending your interview for PA school, you need to realize that you will be asked questions that there are not necessarily right answers to.  Questions like "why do you want to become a PA?" and "What are your strengths and weaknesses?" are almost guaranteed to be asked, so it's probably a good idea to have an answer prepared.  Other questions like "What was your biggest struggle in undergrad?" or "why do you want to come to our program, specifically?" are also common, so be prepared to have answers ready.

It is extremely important to know about the program you are interviewing for.  Our panel members have asked numerous students specific questions like how much the PA program costs, the previous year's PANCE pass rates for the institution, the length of the program, and what a candidate thinks of our mission statement.  Obviously there are right and wrong answers to these questions, and while answering these questions wrong won't necessarily make-or-break the interview, a correct answer will sufficiently increase your favorability with any program.  Each of these questions can easily be researched on the main page of any PA program's website.  It's worth spending 5-10 minutes reviewing this information prior to your interview, even if it's the morning-of.  In a situation the latter questions aren't asked, making your knowledge of a program's mission statement or details of the PA school itself could impress your interviewers.

While canned answers are nice, sound natural.  Your panel will know when you have an answer prepared and will try to throw you off your rhythm to see how you react under pressure.  Don't be surprised to catch some off-the-wall questions during your interview.  Again, there are no wrong answers, but a large reason for the interview itself is to witness your demeanor, character, and intelligence.  Think about it: once you are invited for an interview, they know your GPA and test scores from your transcripts, your work history from your CV, and your background from your personal statement.  The interview allows for a "test-drive" of potential students to make sure you aren't "too good to be true."  

The most important thing during the interview is just to relax.  Remember, it's only your future ;)

Take this quiz before your interview to refresh your knowledge on the PA profession!

If you have any comments or additions, feel free to comment below!

A message from CASPA

From CASPA's website: 

"THE 2015-2016 APPLICATION CYCLE WILL OPEN ON APRIL 22ND, 2015. Applicants wishing to apply for the 2016 cycle may not create an account or send documents or tests scores to CASPA prior to this date. Documents received by CASPA prior to this date will not be accepted."

You heard it here first!  What does this mean for you?  It means that you need to have your personal statement and application ready to submit on April 22.  As soon as you submit your entire application, CASPA will forward your documents to the PA schools you choose.  As we have mentioned before, the sooner you apply, the better.  Once the application cycle opens, physician assistant schools begin pulling applications and reviewing them to set up interviews.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!  

Now is the time to begin working on your personal statement for physician assistant school.  If you haven't started brainstorming yet, now would be a good time.  After you complete a rough draft, submit your narrative to us to review.  We'll have it back to you in a few days to submit to CASPA.  The earlier you start putting together your application, the earlier schools will want to send you interview invitations.  Start now.

The best time to submit your CASPA application

We simply CANNOT stress this enough: the BEST time to submit your CASPA application is the day the cycle opens, usually at the beginning of March.  Although many PA schools have rolling deadlines, most schools begin reviewing applications the same day CASPA makes the cycle available.  

Why is applying as early as possible important?  Because the earlier you apply, the less competition you have.  It makes sense.  By being one of the first to apply, you are compared to 100 applicants rather than 1000.  During this time the odds are in your favor.  

Why do we bother bringing this information to your attention?  Because March is less than a month away.  Physician Assistant schools reward those who have their business together.  "The early bird gets the worm."  By submitting an application that is complete at the time applications are being accepted, PA schools will notice your punctuality and responsibility.  By having your paperwork completed and submitted as early as possible leaves a fantastic first impression.  

Our advice?  Begin working on your personal statement now.  Your personal statement for PA school is not some essay you can crank out in 30 minutes; it is a representation of your life and experiences.  The personal statement is the picture you want portrayed that accentuates your application.  It should not be rushed.  Take your time.  And when you are ready, send us your essay and we will ensure it leaves the lasting impression admissions committees look for.

Our PA personality survey

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our PA personality quiz!  Our team had a little fun compiling this list of questions to help you figure out which specialty suits you best!  We've had people from all around the world take our little quiz.  Does it have anything to do with personal statements?  No!  But sometimes you should be allowed to have a little fun :)

Be sure to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!  Take the quiz by clicking on this link: .  Enjoy! 

Top 5 reasons to use myPAresource

1. Avoid costly mistakes

We can't tell you how many times we see personal statements that, to the writer, seem PERFECT, only to find out they say "Physician's Assistant" or the inappropriate spelling of "their." Many candidates post their essays on forums.  We can assure you that getting your statement reviewed for free, in a public setting, by an anonymous person competing for the same spot as you IS NOT a good idea.  Which brings us to our second reason:

2. Get your essay edited by people that actually know what they are doing.

Other editing sites are generally comprised of recent college graduates clinching to their English major.  Our employees graduated from college too (some with their English major), but they also graduated from PA school.  And some even graduated from Medical School.  Then, after graduating, our employees accrued years of experience reviewing the applications of your peers.

3. Our experts will tell you EXACTLY what you need to change to separate you from others.

As a team we have read and reviewed COUNTLESS personal statements from those applying specifically to physician assistant school, and despite more and more people applying every year, the statements get more and more dull.  Our job is to get your an interview; to portray you, the candidate, as someone PA schools WANT to meet.  We want to portray you as driven and determined, and our admissions consultants ensure they will.

4. It's cheap!

Our prices are set at the minimum rate as requested by our employees, meaning IT DOESN'T GET CHEAPER THAN THIS.  We have done our research of the competitors and we are still FAR below what other GENERIC sites cost.  With us you get more experience for less money.  What else could you ask for?

5. It's your future.

How much does a mistake cost?  Are you willing to risk giving your dream up because you're "pretty sure" it's a good essay?  Run it by us.  If it's great, we'll tell you.  If it's not, we'll tell you how you can look better to those reading your personal statement.  Heck, we may even give you some of your money back if there's nothing for us to recommend.  But don't take a chance.  Allow us to be the professionals.  Applying to physician assistant school isn't easy, but it can be a success.  And we can help.