Common mistake: How a single letter could make or break your PA school application

Here is an example of why our service is so valuable:

Recently we received one of the overall BEST essays we've ever read.  The flow of the essay: superb.  The structure, grammar, punctuation: outstanding.  This essay was the seemingly-flawless "diamond in the rough" that every applicant strives for.  Except for this one thing...

The letter "s."

Generally the letter "s" helps those of us that speak the English language communicate multiples, possession, even contractions.  But there is one area that the "s" does not belong:  in "Physician's Assistant."  

The name of the career you are so passionate about and have attempted to convey your lifelong devotion to should be known by the time you are applying.  By adding an "s" at the end of "Physician," you are implying possession.  Also, by not knowing the correct title of the profession, you are bringing attention to your ignorance, something that shouldn't be advertised to those deciding your future.  

PA schools want to know that their applicants are familiar and knowledgeable about the Physician Assistant profession.  It's important to sound as mature and knowledgeable to the PA school admission panels in your personal statement in order to come off as a strong applicant. While this error might not seem like a big deal to you now, trust me, once you start practicing you'll understand.  

Simple errors like this can ultimately make the difference between being considered a serious applicant or brushed to the side for another year spent on the waitlist.  Don't let a simple mistake decide your future.  We are here to help ensure that your personal statement shines above the rest of the PA school applicants.  

Be well,