Applying Late to PA School: How to Give Yourself the Best Chance of Still Getting Interviewed

It’s not too late to apply to PA school, but it’s getting close!  Physician Assistant schools typically start reviewing CASPA applications as soon as they are verified and sent, and you’ll want to make sure that your personal statement is PERFECT when you apply.  As you’ve probably heard, applying early gives you the best chance of being considered since there aren’t as many applicants in the pool.  But even if you don’t apply in the late spring or early summer, there are still certain things you can include in your personal statement that will help convince PA programs that you are a phenomenal applicant.  Below we’ll discuss a few items to consider before submitting your PA school personal statement to CASPA:


Write about your experiences with Physician Assistants

This may seem obvious, but if you are yet to apply, you probably have accrued more experience than other applicants, giving you more opportunities to interact and shadow PAs, thus expanding your understanding of the profession.  And because you’ve had the opportunity to spend more time with physician assistants, you’ll have more experiences to pull stories from, thus putting you at an advantage. 

So think about interactions you’ve had with PAs, patient cases you’ve seen, and how these interactions have influenced your decision to pursue a career as a physician assistant.


Highlight your strengths as a PA school applicant

Since we are applying late, we want to make sure that we spend a little time within your personal statement discussing what it is that makes you a strong applicant.  Things to focus on are: your academic success, upward trend in GPA, success in post-baccalaureate courses, success in graduate-level courses, amount of experience with PAs you have, history working while in undergrad, etc.  Because we will be at somewhat of a disadvantage due to the sheer magnitude of applicants, we’ll need to help you stand out as much as possible.  Typically you’ll want to discuss your strengths within or just before your concluding paragraph.


Make your story unique to you

A lot of applicants write their essay in a generic way and don’t cater their personal statement to their journey.  Late in the cycle, applicants get in a hurry and look up essays that other PA school applicants have written and try to write something similar, keeping the same ideas while adding a personal touch or two.  We encourage you to focus your essay on YOUR experiences that have helped you realize that becoming a physician assistant is the ONLY profession for you.

By writing about experiences with physician assistants and patients you’ve spent time with, your essay will be exclusive to your application and not inserted into amalgamation of otherwise mediocre pa school personal statements.


Our experts have read THOUSANDS of personal statements and ensure that each one is unique.  If you need help or direction, we would be happy to help in any capacity we can.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or search the blog for other tips and suggestions!