So... why Penlights?

You'll notice that recently we started offering Penlights to all of our clients with the purchase of a revision.  Why?  Because we are confident that our service will help you get into PA school.  

But then what?  We have already edited your personal statement for PA school.  You've submitted your application to CASPA.  We didn't want our service to end after you were accepted.  We value your education and look forward to everything you are able to achieve once you graduate.  We want to be there to aid in your Physician Assistant training.  

The Penlight is a common tool you will use almost everyday when you examine your patients. You'll be able to use this tool during your head-to-toe physical exams in order help diagnose and treat those in the community you serve.  Heck, you can even use it if the power goes out!  But we want to aid in your training to become the BEST physician assistant you can be.  

It's a small token of appreciation that you've made the choice to pursue this rewarding career.

Be well,