Top 5 things to include in your personal statement

While it's important not to be cliché while writing your personal statement for PA school, there are certain subjects that EVERY narrative should have prior to submitting to CASPA.  Be sure to do your best to set yourself apart from other applicants while discussing these topics!

1. Why do you want to be a PA?

This should be pretty self explanatory.  CASPA's prompt for narratives states, "write a brief statement expressing your motivation or desire to become a physician assistant."  You'd be surprised how many applicants fail to include this pertinent information in their narrative.  Don't make this mistake!

2.  How/when were you first exposed to the PA profession?

This should be pretty easy to include as well.  Obviously you heard about Physician Assistants, were treated by one at some point in time, or came across a PA while volunteering, so be sure to mention where your exposure came from.  

3.  Healthcare experience

While ADCOMs will have all of your HCE, volunteering, and work experience, don't hesitate to delve further into what you learned throughout all the hours you invested in medicine. Many applicants simply "review" their resumé and merely mention the jobs they had, but it's important to show the reader how your time spent has made you a better applicant for PA school and your future as a physician assistant. 

4.  Your strengths as a candidate

The goal of your personal statement is to "promote" yourself to the reader and prove why you are the BEST candidate out there.  Highlight those aspects from your academic or healthcare experience to help you stand above the rest.  

5.  WHY YOU?

PA schools generally have HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of applications each cycle.  It's important that you explain WHY you deserve a seat in the class above all the rest.  Generally you want this information to be in your conclusion to leave a lasting impression on the reader.  Some estimates have shown that many schools have 25 applicants for every seat in the class.  Show the reader why you will make a great Physician Assistant.

Creating a draft and implementing these top 5 things into your essay will make for a great starting point.  While there are other important subjects to include in your personal statement, you'll be on the right track if you start here.  

Our admissions consultants are standing by eager and waiting to help you achieve your goals.  Don't make the foolish mistake of applying to PA school without the complete confidence that your personal statement will stand above the rest.