Don't become a Statistic!

Every year, thousands of candidates like yourself take the leap and apply for PA school.  Thousands of people are fighting for the same seats as you.  In many cases, PA school applicant pools can reach nearly 2000 applicants for 50 seats.  In those cases, after applying, you have a less than 5% chance of being accepted to a program of your choice.  

Let's take your average PA school: 1500 people submit applications.  PA schools generally invite 30 people per interview date.  An average PA school will schedule 5-6 days for interview per cycle.  This means that 150-200 people will be invited to interview, which is about 10%.  The average PA class is approximately 50 students, which means of the 1500 people that apply, only 3% are actually accepted.  

Confused?  Let us simplify this: you need all the help you can get to receive an invitation for interview.  Want to take your chances and apply without a leg up?  More power to you.  We exist to help those that don't enjoy wasting time get accepted.  A majority of candidates will not receive interview invitations.  Give yourself the unfair advantage by writing the perfect personal statement.  We will ensure your narrative portrays you as the ideal candidate, focuses on your strengths, and engages the reader.  

Don't leave your future up to chance, and don't become a statistic!