The best time to submit your CASPA application

We simply CANNOT stress this enough: the BEST time to submit your CASPA application is the day the cycle opens, usually at the beginning of March.  Although many PA schools have rolling deadlines, most schools begin reviewing applications the same day CASPA makes the cycle available.  

Why is applying as early as possible important?  Because the earlier you apply, the less competition you have.  It makes sense.  By being one of the first to apply, you are compared to 100 applicants rather than 1000.  During this time the odds are in your favor.  

Why do we bother bringing this information to your attention?  Because March is less than a month away.  Physician Assistant schools reward those who have their business together.  "The early bird gets the worm."  By submitting an application that is complete at the time applications are being accepted, PA schools will notice your punctuality and responsibility.  By having your paperwork completed and submitted as early as possible leaves a fantastic first impression.  

Our advice?  Begin working on your personal statement now.  Your personal statement for PA school is not some essay you can crank out in 30 minutes; it is a representation of your life and experiences.  The personal statement is the picture you want portrayed that accentuates your application.  It should not be rushed.  Take your time.  And when you are ready, send us your essay and we will ensure it leaves the lasting impression admissions committees look for.