The PA School Interview Guide

You've applied to CASPA and now you're playing the waiting game.  Nobody likes the waiting game.  But rather than sitting there checking your email every 15 minutes, keeping your phone at your hip 24 hours a day, and basically stalking the mailman, why not make use of your time and get some answers? has compiled a list of every PA school in the country and provided pertinent information including when Physician Assistant programs send out interview invitations, how many people they typically interview, and what their interview day consists of.  The guide also comes with a foreword from Brian Palm, PA-C, founder of  Brian uses his experience on Admissions panels to give applicants a look at what to expect and how to best prepare.

We highly suggest that all of our clients purchase The PA School Interview Guide to give themselves an ADVANTAGE when interview day inevitably comes.  There are a number of different books out there that claim they help pre-PA students prepare for their PA school interviews, but the school-specific details in this book are not available anywhere else.  Stop wondering when you'll hear from your top choice PA school!  The answers are available at!