Top 5 reasons to use myPAresource

1. Avoid costly mistakes

We can't tell you how many times we see personal statements that, to the writer, seem PERFECT, only to find out they say "Physician's Assistant" or the inappropriate spelling of "their." Many candidates post their essays on forums.  We can assure you that getting your statement reviewed for free, in a public setting, by an anonymous person competing for the same spot as you IS NOT a good idea.  Which brings us to our second reason:

2. Get your essay edited by people that actually know what they are doing.

Other editing sites are generally comprised of recent college graduates clinching to their English major.  Our employees graduated from college too (some with their English major), but they also graduated from PA school.  And some even graduated from Medical School.  Then, after graduating, our employees accrued years of experience reviewing the applications of your peers.

3. Our experts will tell you EXACTLY what you need to change to separate you from others.

As a team we have read and reviewed COUNTLESS personal statements from those applying specifically to physician assistant school, and despite more and more people applying every year, the statements get more and more dull.  Our job is to get your an interview; to portray you, the candidate, as someone PA schools WANT to meet.  We want to portray you as driven and determined, and our admissions consultants ensure they will.

4. It's cheap!

Our prices are set at the minimum rate as requested by our employees, meaning IT DOESN'T GET CHEAPER THAN THIS.  We have done our research of the competitors and we are still FAR below what other GENERIC sites cost.  With us you get more experience for less money.  What else could you ask for?

5. It's your future.

How much does a mistake cost?  Are you willing to risk giving your dream up because you're "pretty sure" it's a good essay?  Run it by us.  If it's great, we'll tell you.  If it's not, we'll tell you how you can look better to those reading your personal statement.  Heck, we may even give you some of your money back if there's nothing for us to recommend.  But don't take a chance.  Allow us to be the professionals.  Applying to physician assistant school isn't easy, but it can be a success.  And we can help.