Below is the most recent report of PA schools in the United States which includes statistical data from all Physician assistant programs in the country.  The most recent report released contains data from programs during the 2015 application cycle.  New reports will be uploaded upon their release.  Below are specific "highlights" that can be found throughout the pdf file:

For the 2016/2017 Application cycle:

Average overall undergraduate GPA: 3.56

Average science undergraduate GPA: 3.51

Average patient contact experience hours: 2891.8

Average healthcare experience hours: 1,127.9

Average GRE verbal score: 153.5

Average GRE quantitative score: 153.3

Average GRE analytical writing score: 4.1

Demographic: 73.9% female

Average age of first year student: 25.4

Average class size: 45.6 students


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Read the full report by downloading the document here:

PAEA report